Workplaces of the future from 2021

Workplace of the future

The post covid era will be more focused on new technologies.

The way in which procedures change and the way things are done in companies will change radically in recent years.

It focuses on 5 issues: work from anywhere, work for everyone, work smart and work socially responsible.

In india last year it gave the guarantee that it and bpo workers can work remotely permanently.

It was a watershed moment for the future and the workplaces that are making a global digital transformation for all organizations.

The future of work will be digital, like in india. A country that will be the pioneer.

India has also increased the ease of doing business.

After the post-coronavirus era, everything will be more digital, all aspects of our lives will be automated.

The way in which we work will have tremendous changes in recent years and today we will work on one of them.

Work from anywhere

Location independent jobs have de facto become today’s pandemic where modern telecommunications, technologies and tools have provided the ability to work from anywhere.

BCG’s recent “Workplace of the Future” survey found that companies expect around 40% of their employees to follow a remote work model in the future.

However, I think the future is more heterogeneous: it is a combination of work at home, hybrid and on the spot. The reasons are twofold: there are still many roles that require physical presence due to the nature of existing client or system interfaces, as well as compliance guidelines in some sectors, and two, the very important aspect of social and mental health. of employees can best be guaranteed in long-term hybrid formats.

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