Workation: what you should know about this trend in Latin America

We are going through a year full of changes generated by the Covid-19 health crisis, which has imposed remote work as an almost permanent work modality. He has combined teleworking and holidays, welcoming him to a new modality; Wokation. (We had explained it before)

The new reality is unpredictable, many changes, much to think about, many challenges to face and eager to take a break when we find the opportunity, without neglecting our job responsibility.

That is where we opted for this type of work that is a trend today: Workation.

Workation: The advantages of working

from your vacation destination
Improve your mental health
Being able to work from a place that changes your routine and your daily environment, that gives you tranquility and rest, gives your mind a break and new ideas arise. Lower your stress levels, calm your anxiety and increase your professional motivation.

Promotes work disconnection
When you are working from a place that you want to enjoy and where you will find activities far from the daily routine, you do not think about working overtime, or being aware of your computer 24/7, because you will want to take advantage of the opportunity to rest at the end of your workday. This undoubtedly promotes the right to digital disconnection of the teleworker.

Improve time management during the working day
Teleworking in a vacation destination motivates you to achieve the objectives of the day within working hours, to be more efficient and effective, since you want to fulfill your responsibilities to enjoy the place and its activities without worries. This encourages the organization of your tasks and work time, promoting productivity and increasing professional performance.

Reconciliation of work activity with social and personal life
Telecommuting from a vacation destination helps you better establish the boundary between your work and your personal life. If you have a flexible schedule or work for objectives, you will be able to alter your day, you will fulfill your work responsibilities and you will be able to take advantage of your free time as a family.

Increased physical activity = increased productivity
If your vacation destination includes spaces for physical activity, your work productivity will be positively affected, since exercise increases the level of endorphins, energy and improves your mental and physical well-being.


But what are the downsides of Workation?
Like any work modality, Workation must be managed as it can bring negative consequences and unnecessary disadvantages, which you can avoid.

Not being aware that you are NOT on vacation
It is important to understand that you are working from a place that breaks with your day-to-day life and offers you peace of mind; your vacation destination, but not to be confused with being on vacation. Since this will lead you to not fulfill your work responsibilities and will affect your performance as well as your motivation.

Prevent work disconnection
When you allow yourself to be consumed by work and prevent disconnection from work even from a vacation destination, you are directly affecting your mental health. Psychologists comment that not disconnecting from teleworking can cause burnout, initiating an occupational disease.

Set limits in the Workation
Although it is a modality that attracts many benefits, you have to know how to set limits and be aware of its development.

It is important that you do not get confused with being on vacation because you are working, you must respect the schedule and work spaces as well as personal time and digital disconnection.

It is about being autonomous and responsible, to know how to balance the factors involved in Workation, technology will always help, you can control your performance, and actually see its evolution, through planning like a bullet journal (we had worked on it previously) wherever you are.

Likewise, maintain communication with the team about the progress of projects and tasks, thanks to technological tools and applications. All in order to improve your work experience and your quality of life in times of teleworking.

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