Selling on facebook: what is the facebook marketplace and how to use it

In 2016 Facebook launched Marketplace, its online sales platform among users who reside in a geographical area, normally determined by the position of the user entering the service. As you know, Facebook is known for being an innovative company and for using the data it collects to make improvements to its platform, something that theySigue leyendo “Selling on facebook: what is the facebook marketplace and how to use it”

2021 Copywriting Trends in Latin America. Part ii

3. Voice Search It often happens that people use voice commands in applications like Google, Siri or Alexa to find a product. Why is copywriting important here? The answer is that everything is related to the use of keywords that you have placed in your copywriting, achieving that when followers search for something, the firstSigue leyendo “2021 Copywriting Trends in Latin America. Part ii”

Copywriting trends for 2021 in Latin America. Part I

The art of copywriting is one of the most efficient ways that professionals have found to develop content that is always aimed at attracting new clients. With a year that has just started, it is normal for you to find out about new trends. After all, copywriting is part of digital marketing and it isSigue leyendo “Copywriting trends for 2021 in Latin America. Part I”

Hotel marketing: 7 keys to increase your reservations in Latin America

Today, hospitality companies must radically change the way they do hotel marketing. This is so because, to stay competitive in today’s market, they need tourism marketing strategies that focus on providing positive experiences for people, instead of focusing on conventional and ineffective invasive advertising. That is why you must know the keys to marketing forSigue leyendo “Hotel marketing: 7 keys to increase your reservations in Latin America”

What is a travel agent? Part ii

Specific characteristics of the travel agent– Extensive knowledge of the elements of the tourism system and how to combine them.– Extensive knowledge of the national tourist geography.– Knowledge of the world tourist geography.– Broad general culture.-Be a constant news reader.– Ability to produce, program and, in general, operate the services that the travel agency sells.–Sigue leyendo “What is a travel agent? Part ii”

What is a travel agent?

The travel agent is probably, to this day, the most important element in the supply chain of the travel industry; and we say “probably” because technology has come to significantly displace their work. However, there are still a large number of people who prefer to approach a travel agent to plan their vacations due toSigue leyendo “What is a travel agent?”

The importance of social networks in Latin American tourism. Part ii

The numbers of the use of social networksBut what are the most important social networks for the tourism sector? The truth is that there is a great multitude of social platforms in which users share both their vacation experiences and their opinions about the establishments where they have stayed. But we can talk about threeSigue leyendo “The importance of social networks in Latin American tourism. Part ii”

The importance of social networks in tourism

In recent years, social media has become a true global phenomenon. Today they are not only used daily by millennial users, but also by those born in Generation X, and even those belonging to the generation of boomers. As you may already know, there is a wide range of social networks, but Facebook, Twitter andSigue leyendo “The importance of social networks in tourism”

The world after the great reset.

This is a tribute for someone who wants to change the world. Some time ago we started to see someone who wants a change in education. Then with society. Even ahota with spirituality. (Great idea) It talks about natural law and how to combine anarcho-capitalism with something more spiritual. Since the 2020 pandemic, he realizedSigue leyendo “The world after the great reset.”

Is there the profession of travel agent in Colombia?

We start to sadly say that there is no regulation for travel agents. If there is no regulation, there are no studies in general on the travel agent, and even less there is a travel agent. In Spain it is a little better known, but in Latin America only Mexico has something similar to theSigue leyendo “Is there the profession of travel agent in Colombia?”

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