What is a travel agent? Part ii

Specific characteristics of the travel agent– Extensive knowledge of the elements of the tourism system and how to combine them.– Extensive knowledge of the national tourist geography.– Knowledge of the world tourist geography.– Broad general culture.-Be a constant news reader.– Ability to produce, program and, in general, operate the services that the travel agency sells.–Sigue leyendo “What is a travel agent? Part ii”

What is a travel agent?

The travel agent is probably, to this day, the most important element in the supply chain of the travel industry; and we say “probably” because technology has come to significantly displace their work. However, there are still a large number of people who prefer to approach a travel agent to plan their vacations due toSigue leyendo “What is a travel agent?”

The importance of social networks in tourism

In recent years, social media has become a true global phenomenon. Today they are not only used daily by millennial users, but also by those born in Generation X, and even those belonging to the generation of boomers. As you may already know, there is a wide range of social networks, but Facebook, Twitter andSigue leyendo “The importance of social networks in tourism”

Is there the profession of travel agent in Colombia?

We start to sadly say that there is no regulation for travel agents. If there is no regulation, there are no studies in general on the travel agent, and even less there is a travel agent. In Spain it is a little better known, but in Latin America only Mexico has something similar to theSigue leyendo “Is there the profession of travel agent in Colombia?”

Benefits of tourist copywriting in Latin America.

Discover the advantages of tourist copywriting to generate direct sales and boost your tourist business with words that sell. what is copywriting? Copywriting is persuasive writing. Transmit with the texts emotions, arguments and get the ideal client to take an action. is to convert and sell. It is using the word to attract, seduce andSigue leyendo “Benefits of tourist copywriting in Latin America.”

Tips to be a travel influencer and earn money in Colombia.

Since the popularization and creation of blogs, travel blogs have become popular and the genre is just developing in Colombia. Maybe to live as a digital nomad and keep traveling forever. Keeping it up to date is something that requires effort and consistency, but not everyone has done it regularly. Would you like to doSigue leyendo “Tips to be a travel influencer and earn money in Colombia.”

Workation: what you should know about this trend in Latin America

We are going through a year full of changes generated by the Covid-19 health crisis, which has imposed remote work as an almost permanent work modality. He has combined teleworking and holidays, welcoming him to a new modality; Wokation. (We had explained it before) The new reality is unpredictable, many changes, much to think about,Sigue leyendo “Workation: what you should know about this trend in Latin America”

Workplaces of the future from 2021. Part II

Work for everyone: With a greater number of roles enabled for remote delivery, a broader portion of the population can participate in the active workforce pool that was otherwise restrictive on location and disproportionately skewed in favor of the large cities and economic centers. Employers also benefit as they have access to a broader poolSigue leyendo “Workplaces of the future from 2021. Part II”

Workplaces of the future from 2021

The post covid era will be more focused on new technologies. The way in which procedures change and the way things are done in companies will change radically in recent years. It focuses on 5 issues: work from anywhere, work for everyone, work smart and work socially responsible. In india last year it gave theSigue leyendo “Workplaces of the future from 2021”

How does a copywriter work in Latin America? Part ii

How to be a good copywriter?If you wonder how to be a copywriter, you should know that not everyone has the necessary skills to achieve it. But, don’t worry, you shouldn’t worry, because everything can be learned. Knowing your limitations, as well as some tools for freelancers, and putting the necessary ingredients to work, youSigue leyendo “How does a copywriter work in Latin America? Part ii”

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