How does a tourist copywriter work in Latin America?

Offering creative services in Latin America is just emerging and the demand in companies is just growing. Writing can be done by anyone, but writing well and with purpose can only be done by a copywriter. Many do it with a goal and also with a lot of quality. If you are interested in beingSigue leyendo “How does a tourist copywriter work in Latin America?”

copywriting for hotels in latin america and colombia

your hotel can sell more of your texts. you know that your hotel is unique. you know it better than anyone, its history, rooms and services have no secrets for you. you know what is special and differentiation. You also know your customers: you deal with them daily, listen to their comments and adapt toSigue leyendo “copywriting for hotels in latin america and colombia”

Natural spaces of Portugal

In Portugal as in many other places, natural places that must be protected and here in this guide we will talk about these destinations. National parks: it is characterized by ecosystems that have not yet only been altered by man and are natural. There is a lot of native flora and fauna. Nature reserves: areasSigue leyendo “Natural spaces of Portugal”

How to be a successful tourist copywriting blogger in South America

now with the Coronavirus it is necessary to reinvent yourself and the key is to create an incredible roadmap to achieve content that your “competitors” do not have (we are so few in South America that we would be the pioneers) In addition you will attract attention with your first writings and you will attractSigue leyendo “How to be a successful tourist copywriting blogger in South America”

What is copywriting and how can it help your tourism company

According to a study in Europe, the internet is being used to buy tickets, to rent cars, to museums (to buy tickets, etc.) and 77% of companies in Europe use blogs, their own content, etc. but they are not realizing that the newsletters are getting tired of them (in Latin America and in this caseSigue leyendo “What is copywriting and how can it help your tourism company”

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